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This is a little fansite for the tv show "American Gothic" focusing a tiny bit too much on the shows main character Lucas Buck. I haven't updated much here in the past year, but now as the new design is up, I am adding content slowly but frequently.

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Hiatus ends for American Gothic

Posted Jan 24, 2007. Leave a comment?

Today I uploaded the new and future layout for my little American Gothic fansite, for now just with the introdcution and the fanlistings. All major parts of the site, have their own subimage and thus finally after about two years my American Gothic fanlistings have a new layout.

More will come soon …

Gail / Lucas relationship approved

Posted Mar 19, 2005. Leave a comment?

The next installment of my American Gothic fanlistings. One of the most awesome relationship in tv history, where the good girl falls in love with the bad guy and has to admit that she loves him despite his “evil” nature.

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Lucas Buck—listed at the fanlistings.org

Posted Mar 15, 2005. Leave a comment?

On this day the finished form got processed and Lucas was listed under tanfana.net/lucas (in the days before I registered american-gothic.net) And only three days after I got approved, too! ;)

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