info about fanlistings

What is a fanlisting?

A fanlisting is, as the name suggests, a list of fans for a certain subject, which is online and open for anyone. All that is required is your (nick)name, a valid e-mail and your country.

Some people don't see the fun behind it, but that is exactly what fanlistings are, a hobby and fun. Seeing how many people share one's interests, creating sites and graphics and sometimes even sharing extras and information about the subject.

So if you are a fan, there is no reason not to join, your e-mail doesn't need to be displayed and won't be used for spamming you either*. Giving a valid e-mail just helps preventing fake members to join.

And when you really like a subject, why not show it? Especially with not so popular topics you make a lot of other fans happy to see that they are not alone.

The fanlistings are all listed at, the idea itself is from Janine.

* The script used to manage the fans who joined will automatically sent you an e-mail when you filled out the form correctly and then a second mail once I have added you to the actual list. The only other mail might be an note about a change of the url, so you can update your links and won't bump into a dead link.

Why these three fanlistings?

Apart from my love in general for this magnificent tv show, I especially adore Lucas Buck (he is my favourite character) and the relationship he shares with Gail Emory. It's not often that a "villain" I like not only wins at the end, but actually has the heroine falling for him.

I don't think there ever will be a show to rival this one ...

What do the fanlisting titles mean?

"Look Deeper" for the American Gothic fanlisting came from listening to the opening speach, it seemed to fit perfectly as on first glance Trinity might seem like a normal American town, but not if you "look deeper" ...

"Respect and Loyalty" for the Lucas Buck fanlisting, as I felt that those two are especially important to him, when dealing with his citiziens and associates. After all as long as you remain loyal and show proper respect - you ain't got to worry about much.

"Dark Passion" for the relationhip fanlisting, since the whole relationship is overshadowed by the fact that Gail knows that Lucas has done things she could never excuse and will continue to do so and yet she can't help facing the fact that she not only wants him, but actually loves him.

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