A few corrections concerning the summaries

1. Pilot
A traumatized young girl dies mysteriously, and some suspect the town's charming sheriff, who was the last person to see her alive.

I don't know that summary does not fit at all. The sheriff broke her neck - his official version is that the father killed her with that blow from the shovel. There is nothing mysterious about it. And also the sheriffs behaviour seemed suspicious to Dr. Crower he did not suspect him right from the beginning. And the deputy saw him do it ...

4. Damned if you don't
As payback for an old favor, Carter is asked to hire Sheriff Buck's teen-age daughter. His life takes a turn for the worse after he refuses.

What can I say? If Sheriff Buck has a teenage daughter she never showed up in the show ... of course it is Carter's daugther the sheriff wanted as a help in the office. But at least they got the last sentence right.

9. Ressurector (13)
A radio talk-show host hoping to bring his show to television asks Lucas for help. When he refuses, the man's co-anchor wife, Gloria, vows to have revenge.

The radio guy did as for Lucas help, and wasn't himself very nice when Lucas refused, but then Lucas did offer help and advice - nameley that Gloria was the reason why he wouldn't get his own show and suggested that if he was to get rid of her, then he would be succesful ...
11. The plague sower (15)
A horrifying plague is spreading through Trinity, and Lucas turns to newcomer Dr. Peele for help when Matt breaks down.

Not quite true either, he only askes Dr. Peele for help after Gale was struck with the plague by Meryl. Although he might have asked Matt if he hadn't been struck by madness. Then again, he might have asked any competent doctor.

18. Requiem (22)
When Lucas attempts to kill Gail, he and Caleb face each other in a final, evil battle.

It's actually Caleb who tried to kill Gail, because he wanted to get rid of her baby. I wouldn't necessarily say, that the battle was evil, unless you say because Lucas won that automatically makes it evil :D

21. Echo of your last goodbye (18)
Ben's got a date with destiny - really - when he goes out with a woman who is an incarnation of Merlyn.

Although Ben is dancing with Merlyn at the end of the episode one can hardly call that a date. The episode is more about Merlyn putting Ben through hell by giving him visions to drive him to do something.

The Rest ist not necessarily false, but the summaries aren't good, as they often point to just one event and miss the real point ...

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