A guide for those who prefer the chronological order

1.PilotDVD 1Site A
2.A tree grows in TrinityDVD 1Site A
3.Eye of the BeholderDVD 1Site Achange dvd (1.)
4.Damned if you don'tDVD 1Site B
5.Dead to the worldDVD 1Site Bchange dvd (2.)
6.Potato BoyDVD 3Site Achange dvd (3.)
7.Meet the BeatlesDVD 1Site B
8.Strong arm of the lawDVD 1Site Bchange dvd (4.)
9.To hell and backDVD 2Site B
10.The beast withinDVD 2Site Bchange dvd (5.)
11.RebirthDVD 2Site Achange dvd (6.)
12.Ring of fireDVD 3Site Bchange dvd (7.)
13.RessurectorDVD 2Site A
14.InhumanitasDVD 2Site A
15.The plague sowerDVD 2Site Achange dvd (8.)
16.Dr. Death takes a holidayDVD 2Site B
17.Learning how to crawlDVD 2Site Bchange dvd (9.)
18.Echo of your last goodbyeDVD 3Site Bchange dvd (10.)
19.TriangleDVD 3Site Achange dvd (11.)
20.StranglerDVD 3Site Bchange dvd (12.)
21.The Buck stops hereDVD 3Site A
22.RequiemDVD 3Site A

Twelve times! Well, I guess at least you get some exercise, when hopping up to change the DVD. Not that I could sit still for very long anyway ...

The American Gothic DVD Set